August 3, 2022

Hartini, a resident of RT 17, Sepinggan Village, Balikpapan, was previously a domestic worker (PRT), while her husband was only a construction worker. However, now she and her husband are enjoying the business as housing developers. They even have five private houses and one car.

Hartini’s success was obtained after receiving non-cash social assistance through the Family Hope Program (PKH) to Beneficiary Families (KPM). The program is one of the government’s steps to tackle the citizens in order to escape poverty.

In the layoff program, residents are not only provided with social and non-cash assistance, but are also given regular trainings carried out by facilitators at family income increase meetings (P2K2) with the aim of empowering KPMs to become more skilled, so they can earn money on their own.

Previously, Hartini was registered as a recipient of PKH assistance since 2016, then he resigned in June 2019 from participation because he felt he was able to run his own business or also called Graduation Mandiri.

Balikpapan City PKH Supervisor Social Worker, Subejo, said that Hartini’s life is now independent and prosperous.

“His family life is now better than before. The success achieved today is thanks to the hard work of her and her husband so far,” said Subejo as quoted by Balikpapan Pos, Saturday (6/7/2019).

“Her husband is also currently developing his developer business by building 150 housing units. Hartini is also grateful that her family’s life has improved,” added Subejo.

Subejo hopes that Hartini’s success, which started as a domestic worker, can be used as an example and inspiration for KPM PKH in Balikpapan City. That it takes hard work to change the fate of the family and escape the poverty zone.

“Nothing is impossible, because there are many KPM PKH whose family life was pre-prosperous, but because of their efforts and hard work, they can become prosperous,” said Subejo.

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