August 3, 2022

Longing is a feeling that all nomads must feel
every time without knowing a pause. In addition to the deepest longing for family in an all-digital era, it can be cured by using the internet without having to wait long. Of course, there is a longing for one’s hometown, living environment as well as for the food that is usually enjoyed before going abroad.

Now for friends in Hong Kong who miss the delicious Indonesian food that is not easily forgotten, we can also get these foods with culinary tours on our holidays.

Here are some places for culinary Indonesian food in Hong Kong.

Tsuen wan’s Special Stall

“I have been a customer at this shop for seven years and my favorite is fish fried rice, the taste is great,” said one visitor.

For fried rice lovers, you can visit Warung Istimewa which is located at G/F Winning Heights 5 Fwah Street, Lo Tak Court, Tsuen Wan.

“Here, the Lombok food is famous for its fried rice,” said the shop owner who is usually called Om Istimewa.

Terasi Fried Rice at Warung Special, Tsuen Wan. Photo: Rita Damayanti

In addition to the mainstay menu of Lombok fried rice, Warung Istimewa also provides yellow rice cone with white rice cone at affordable prices. Many Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) order at this stall for birthday celebrations and for Thanksgiving activities.

“It’s cheap for 1 person, HK$88, but we usually have 10 people, so we can joint venture with friends,” said Om Istimewa.

Warung Indonesia Berkah

This one restaurant provides a mainstay menu of pecel rice. For friends who want to treat their homesickness for food made from peanuts, they can come to Price Edward.

“I have subscribed for 1 year here and I like the pecel rice,” said Rida, PMI from Ponorogo who was with his two friends enjoying pecel rice.

Nasi Pecel at Warung Indonesia Berkah, Mongkok. Photo: Rita Damayanti

Besides pecel rice, there are also foods that are very close to the characteristics of the Indonesian people, namely meatballs, soto, rawon and mixed rice. To satisfy the customers of this shop, they deliberately make their own meatball dough.

“I like the meatballs, it’s delicious and fits my taste,” said Lina, PMI from Ngawi.

The full address for Warung Berkah Indonesia is at 1/C Fa Yuen Tower, 216-218 Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok.

According to the shop owner, PMI’s favorite food at his stall is chicken soup and rawon.

“The best-selling and most liked are chicken soup and rawon. Meatballs are number 2,” said the shop owner, who is usually called Koko.

A shop that has been established for 5 years and is liked by its visitors because of its mixed ice drink which has a fairly large portion.

Ice Mix at Warung Indonesia Berkah, Mongkok. Photo: Rita Damayanti

“I like the mixed ice, the portion, shape and taste are the same as in Indonesia,” said Sinden, one of the shop’s visitors.

Kampoen g Restaurant A

paradise for lodeh vegetable lovers as well as a place to treat homesickness and the food most favored by Indonesians in Hong Kong is “Kampoeng” in the Causeway Bay area.

“I like mixed rice here with vegetables, the lodeh is really good,” said Mia, PMI from Malang.

“Kampoeng” restaurant is located at B/F Commercial Building Causeway Bay 1-5 Sugar Street Causeway Bay Hong Kong. This restaurant has a comfortable place and is very suitable for visitors who bring small children.

There is also oxtail soup, suitable for small children to eat with a deliciously flavored sauce.

“Usually I eat oxtail soup here, because I have to bring small children, so I can eat too,” said one customer who lives in Tuen Mun.

Ria’s Restaurant

Indonesian people definitely love chili sauce, to get a special chili sauce in Hong Kong, you can come to Ria’s restaurant which provides chili sauce made from green chilies. Usually green chili is combined with chicken or duck.

“Judging from the quality, the most preferred by the Indonesian people here is the green duck sauce,” said the shop owner Han.

Green chili fried chicken, at Warung RIA, Causeway Bay. Photo: Rita Damayanti

In addition, iced tea is also a favorite drink for visitors and the mainstay of this restaurant.

“My favorite drink is iced tea,” said Han.

This restaurant that has been around for 5 years and maintains the quality of food, cleanliness and cleanliness of the place always looks crowded.

“I usually like rawon, it fits my tongue,” said Siti, one of the visitors.

Han added that until now, Indonesian specialties are less attractive to Hong Kong people. Han hopes that the Indonesian people who are currently working in Hong Kong will also introduce Indonesian food to their employers.

“For friends, try introducing Indonesian cuisine so they know more about our food,” said Han.

Savory Delicious Restaurant.

The name savory restaurant is no stranger to PMI, because this restaurant has been around for almost 15 years in Hong Kong.

“It has been established for 15 years,” said the owner of the restaurant.

Chicken penyet lovers can come to a delicious savory restaurant because according to the owner of the restaurant, Tans, chicken penyet is the mainstay of the restaurant he manages.

“The chicken penyet is much sought after by the people of Indonesia,” said Tans.

This restaurant is easy to find as it is located in the heart of Causeway Bay. Just take the MTR exit F or E, the restaurant is located at 21-23 Yee Wo St Causeway Bay.

The drinks served in this place also have Indonesian characteristics and are much favored by visitors, namely es cendol.

“Es Cendol is very popular with visitors, said Tans.

Ice Cendol at Warung Sedap Gurih, Causeway Bay. Photo: Rita Damayanti

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many other Indonesian restaurants in Hong Kong, especially the Causeway Bay area. There are Pandan Leaf restaurants, Warung Malang and the recently opened Geprek Bensu which serves food made from chicken and of course there is a spicy chili sauce that is suitable for spicy lovers.

For those who like Padang specialties, there is a Padang restaurant located at G/F 177-178 King’s Road North Point.

Each restaurant has its own characteristics with prices between $100-$200. But for those whose names are longing cures, what is more important than the price is the enjoyment of the food.

Meanwhile, for those who miss Indonesian snacks and market snacks such as fried tempeh, stuffed tofu, lemper, bakwan vegetables, cakes, you can get them at Warung Chandra which is located near the Indonesian Consulate General (KJRI) Hong Kong building and several other market snacks. Usually these snacks and market snacks are served warm and easily available at the front or inside Indonesian stalls.

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