August 3, 2022

One aspect of the culture of adherents of Islam in Indonesia, is that their Islamic practice is integrated with local wisdom in their area. Including the tradition of welcoming the month of Ramadan.

The following Migran Pos tries to summarize some of the traditions that are usually carried out before the month of Ramadan

Nyadaran / Nyekar: It is a common tradition in some areas of Java Island, where the living family visits the graves of deceased relatives, to clean the graves, pray and some throw flowers.

Nyekar Tradition. Photo: PMII Pacitan/Via Google

Muploadan: It is a tradition of the Sundanese Islamic community. The form of implementation varies, generally gathering with family and relatives, eating together, forgiving each other and praying together. In addition, there are also those who visit tourist attractions with their family, make pilgrimages to their parents or religious leaders.

Mungganan tradition. Photo: Istimewa/Nusantaranews

Padusan: It is a tradition that is usually carried out by the people of Boyolali and some areas in Java to purify themselves, by bathing or soaking in the sea, or water sources that are considered sacred.

Padusan Tradition. Photo: Special/Google

Nyorog : It is a tradition of the Betawi people and some other regions, this tradition is in the form of distributing gifts such as raw food, sugar, coffee, and the like to relatives. Sometimes the gift is in the form of cooked food, with some special foods and put in a basket.

The Nyorog tradition of the Betawi community. Photo: Kulo’s blog

Malamang: It is the ancestral tradition of the people of West Sumatra carried out by mothers, who in groups make lamang made of glutinous rice mixed with coconut milk, then cooked in a bamboo sleeve after previously being rolled with a banana leaf.

The Malamang tradition of the people of West Sumatra. Photo:

Pilgrimage Kubro: is a tradition that is usually carried out by the people of Palembang, making pilgrimages to the tombs of ancestors and scholars in Tengkurep Crater where the ancestors and scholars are buried.

The Kubro Pilgrimage Tradition in Palembang. Photo: Compass Traveler

Those are some traditions that are usually missed when approaching Ramadan. As Messiah, an Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) from Madiun, who has been working in Hong Kong since 2000, the things he miss the most are Nyekar and Nyorog.

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