August 3, 2022

It’s invisible, but the smell and sound often make people around you noisy. Yes, that’s a fart. But did you know that fart sounds and smells vary widely? What’s the reason? Reported by Kompas, Friday (8/3/2019), this is the explanation.

Natural process

First, you need to realize that farting is a normal thing that everyone does. Farting itself is a sign given by the body that our digestive system is functioning properly.

However, not all farts are the same. Some have no sound but have a very strong stench, some have a very loud sound but no smell.

According to a gastroenterologist from the University of Michigan Medicine Gastroenterology Clinic, humans store an average of 1.5 liters of gas in their digestive tract each day.

In a day, humans can fart as much as 14 to 23 times and tend to be odorless.

The sound of farting

Farting itself is influenced by the food we eat. If we eat peas, cabbage, or jackfruit we will fart quickly. Because the food is rich in gas content.

Meanwhile, the sound of farts is influenced by the speed of gas pushing from the stomach to come out, as well as the size and shape of the anal canal. Just like we play the flute. The smaller and less open the flute hole it will produce a high and shrill tone.

Meanwhile, if we open all the holes of the flute, then the sound produced is low and large.

Likewise with farts. When we hold a fart, the anal canal will be forced to close so that gas will come out little by little. As a result, the fart will sound loud and loud.

In contrast, if we are in a relaxed state, the anus will open wide and make gas easier to escape. The resulting sound tends to be smaller and may not even be heard at all.

Apparently, the size of a person’s fart is influenced by the state of our anus. Most importantly, don’t like to hold your fart

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