August 3, 2022

The Department of Environmental Hygiene and Food will apply a new flushing technology to public toilets in Hong Kong. The project will cost HK$600 million to upgrade 240 public toilets, which will be carried out over 5 years.

In a parliamentary meeting Thursday (11/4/2019) the director of the department said this new innovation can make new toilets stain and odor free, and ensure the toilet floor is dry and clean.

“The public toilets in Sai Yee Street, Mong Kok will use ozone to flush water for sanitation hygiene and odor removal. At The Peak and Tsuen Wan there will be several toilets that will use oxygen to remove odors, so we will use technology to decompose odor particles into carbon dioxide and water,” explained Vivian Lau to RTHK, Thursday (11/4/2019).

To ensure that the toilet floor is dry, a hand dryer will be installed next to the sink to prevent people from walking with wet hands on the toilet.

So far, public toilets in Hong Kong are often protested because they are dirty, smelly and not well maintained.

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