December 1, 2022

Sunday (8/12/2019) Wardah Shakira Fashion And Dance held a year-end celebration event, by holding a recycling fashion competition at Yuen Long Community Hall.

In addition to the recycled fashion category, 150 participants, all of whom are Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI), also honed their talents in several competition categories. Among them are Karaoke competitions, Balinese Kebaya fashion, Jumpsuit fashion and winter clothes fashion.

Wardah Shakira as the organizer of the event said that the fashion recycling competition was held because not everyone could use waste into something useful. One of the participants in the recycling fashion competition in Yuen Long, Sunday (12/8/2019). Photo: Biee Wiryawan”Because recycling is used waste, not all PMI can make it,” said Wardah Shakira, PMI who has worked in Hong Kong for four years, Monday (9/12/2019).

Ayuni, one of the participants who won second place in the recycling competition, said that she participated in the recycling competition because she wanted to develop her talent in plastic art.

“Because I want to develop talent in creating art. Especially plastic recycling which is difficult to decompose, said Ayuni who brought the costume with the theme of the greatness of Indonesia, Tuesday (10/12/2019).

Previously, Wardah Shakira Fashion And Dance has held two events. The first event was held at the Sai Yin Pun Community hall on November 4 2018, and the second event was held on June 2, 2019 at Galaxy Star Cruise.

In addition to establishing a relationship between PMI, by holding an event like this, Wardah Shakira hopes to accommodate talent and creativity as well as to fill the holiday time.

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