December 1, 2022

Since the discovery of the Novel Coronavirus (2019-NCov) or better known as the Corona Virus at the end of December 2019, the first thing to do when we do activities outside the home is to use a surgical mask to minimize the transmission of the virus.

As is known, lately the price of masks has soared and stocks are limited. Because of these conditions, sometimes we ignore the use of masks. Do not let the mask that is supposed to protect yourself, because the wrong use will actually bring disease.

Reporting from, by telephone, Dr. Diah Handayani, SpP, a pulmonologist from the Friendship Hospital, East Jakarta, suggested that masks be used for a maximum of 6 hours. Or if the mask is not wet and the shape is still intact, it can still be used but must avoid using the mask the next day.

Dr. Diah also suggested that after handling the mask, the user should wash their hands so that the virus or germs do not enter the respiratory and digestive tracts.

However, unlike ordinary surgical makers, N95 masks can be reused with the condition that they are placed in a special place or wrapped in non-porous packages so that the mask is not damp.

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