August 3, 2022

Although Macau is adjacent to Hong Kong and administratively both countries are both part of China, the two countries have different views. Hong Kong was a former British colony while Macau was once colonized by the Portuguese.

Here are some of the uniqueness that appears in Macau;

° The language used in public facilities is Portuguese and Chinese

Portuguese and Chinese writings dominate in various places such as road signs, maps, shop names, even all information is generally written in Portuguese first. It is very important for anyone who wants to visit Macau to know the route of the destination and know the transportation in advance.

Uniquely, although public facilities are written in Portuguese and written in Chinese, if we listen carefully to the conversations of the majority of the population when in public places, they will communicate in Cantonese and Mandarin. The official languages ​​in Macau are Cantonese and Portuguese.

It is estimated that currently only 3% speak Portuguese. Portuguese is still used for law and journalism. Macau has Portuguese press, including: print media, TV and radio.

The street names in Macau are marked in blue and white, which is a symbol of the Portuguese influence that still exists today.

° Easy to find Portuguese heritage buildings

Macau is a territory that was part of the Portuguese colony (1557 – 20 December 1999). No wonder the Portuguese-style buildings dominate various places in Macau.

Under Portuguese rule for more than 400 years, the cities of Macau have finally become a unique city that is the result of a fusion of eastern and western cultures.

In Macau, we will find many neo-classical buildings in pastel colors that were built during the colonial period. Most of these buildings are part of Macau’s history, which became a “UNESCO World Heritage” in 2005.

“Wavy Paving” or paving that is wavy is unique which was installed in the early 1990s, this paving originally came from fragments of pottery pieces from sailors’ ships.

° There are “zebra crosses” and motorbikes everywhere

The city layout in Macau has a lot of alleys or crossroads, so there are lots of zebra-crosses on every street.

If we visit Macau, we will see the presence of many motorbikes along the road. At least 2/3 of the locals in Macau travel around the city by motorbike or bicycle.

Despite the heavy traffic and the possibility that pedestrians can easily be hit by oncoming vehicles, most car or motorcycle drivers drive cautiously and allow us to cross the road first. Wherever we go, we will see hundreds of motorbikes parked on street corners making this place very cool.

° Clotheslines are often seen outside the window of the house.

Whether big or small the size of the house in Macau, people tend to prefer to dry clothes outside the windows of their respective homes. This view adds to the value of harmony between the existing housing.

° Food Variety

The food in Macau is a mixture of Chinese and Portuguese spices. Food like “bacalao” is very easy to find. One of its famous dishes, Portuguese Egg Tarts, based on the Portuguese tradition of “pastel de nata”, was immediately adopted as a specialty in Macau.

° The Las Vegas of the East
Macau is also known as the Las Vegas of Asia, and is one of the cities in China that legalizes casinos. This is because in 1844, the Portuguese had legalized gambling and casinos in Macau, then Macau was given the status of a special administrative region after the handbook from the Portuguese was given to China in 1999. This meant that gambling and casinos were allowed to exist.

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