December 1, 2022

Dry and chapped lips when a person lacks water intake is common. That is why the use of lipstick while fasting can affect the condition of a woman’s lips.

Quoted from, Dr. Karin Wiradarma from Ambrosia Aesthetic Clinic suggested that women who are fasting do not choose lipstick with a matte type because it can make lips tend to dry and lose moisture.

“It’s better if it’s the fasting month to avoid matte lipstick. Now it’s time for glossy lipstick, so use it first,” said Dr Karin as quoted by

In addition, Dr. Karin suggests using lipbalm first as a base before applying lipstick because lipbalm is known to keep lips moist and not dry.

“Don’t forget to use lipbalm, often carry lipbalm in your bag if it dries a little, quickly use lipbalm,” said Dr. Karin.

As for the treatment to prevent dry and chapped lips, Dr. Karin recommends using a lip scrub as an exfoliator.

“A natural lip scrub can be made by yourself using sugar added with oil. Don’t (use toothpaste), if you use toothpaste, the ingredients tend to be more irritating, “said Dr. Karin reminded.

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