December 1, 2022

Considered to be a business opportunity in the country, Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) in Hong Kong pursue and learn make-up.

Cosmetology learning activities are mostly held in Lai Chi Kok Park, Mei Foo and Victoria Park, Causeway Bay. There are many reasons why they want to learn makeup, even though the costs are not cheap.

Usually they study makeup in a makeup studio, organization or learn from PMI who are already senior in terms of makeup. The costs required are usually to buy makeup equipment and also to rent clothes for the model to make up.

The purpose of participating in learning to make-up is to add experience and provision for business in the country.

“I took part in learning makeup to gain experience and was excited when I retired to become PMI,” said Atun, PMI from Madiun, Thursday (11/04/2019).

Another reason why I’m learning makeup is because I have a hobby with everything related to fashion. Makeup can also be used as a source of income after “retiring” from work as a migrant worker.

“From the first time I went to Hong Kong, I liked the smell of fashion, and it could be my income after not becoming a PMI,” said Anita, PMI who often participates in fashion show competitions , Thursday (11/04/2019).

One of the goals of holding makeup lessons is to preserve Indonesian culture, especially in terms of bridal makeup. So that the younger generation also understands how to do the correct bridal makeup.

“I want to preserve the culture of the country, especially in terms of bridal makeup. I also want young people to understand and know the rules of makeup, so their knowledge doesn’t stagnate ,” said Shinta, PMI who also teaches makeup in Mei Foo, Thursday (11/04/2019).

Generally, the makeup lessons taught are casual makeup, Javanese traditional wedding makeup, and European style bridal makeup. To master all categories of makeup takes about 12 meetings.

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