December 1, 2022

The Indonesian Migrant Workers Protection Agency (BP2MI) noted that the number of migrant workers who departed illegally or departed through unofficial labor dispatch syndicates reached 5.3 million people, Saturday (21/11/2021).

Based on survey results from the World Bank in collaboration with the Central Statistics Agency and the World Bank, there are 9 million Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) spread across 150 countries. While the data owned by BP2MI is only 3.7 million PMIs who work abroad. This means that there are 5.3 million undocumented migrant workers.

While attending the Migrant Day event at the BM2MI Technical Implementation Unit Office in the Serang area, Banten, Benny Ramdhani as the head of BP2MI said workers who departed via the dark lane were automatically not registered by the state.

“Workers who leave through automatic syndicates cannot be registered by the state,” said Benny, quoted from IDNTimes, Thursday (11/19/2020).

Benny also admitted that it was difficult for the state to provide protection because they did not have the identity of the migrant workers.

To combat the syndicate itself, BP2MI has formed a task force to eradicate illegal shipments of Indonesian Migrant Workers and educate, socialize, and train the public regarding the dangers of syndicates sending illegal migrant workers.

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