December 1, 2022

Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) have been chosen by the Indonesian Migrant Worker Protection Agency (BP2MI) as Tourism Ambassadors, because they are considered not only to bring economic remittances in the form of foreign exchange, but also represent the face of Indonesia abroad, Friday (11/20/2020). ).

“These migrant workers carry the spirit of red and white in their chests, live Pancasila in their hearts, and become a mirror of Indonesian culture. So they deserve to be awarded the title of Tourism Ambassador for Indonesia, in marketing and promoting Indonesia’s tourism and creative economy,” said Benny in a series of Migrant Day 2020 activities at the UPT BP2MI office in Jakarta, Monday (18/11).

According to Benny, if the 3.7 million PMI recorded by the Government (or 9 million PMI according to the World Bank including non-procedural ones) can become Tourism Ambassadors, then that is the potential number of foreign tourists that PMI can bring to Indonesia. For that reason, his party hopes to provide PMI with insights into Indonesian tourism which can later be introduced to their employers.

“There is no doubt that PMI is able to incorporate Indonesian culture into daily interactions with employers. There is no doubt that PMI is able to carry out the mission of introducing Indonesian culture, and of course promoting Indonesian tourism,” explained Benny.

To realize this, BP2MI signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy in the context of Developing Tourism and Economic Potential of Indonesian Migrant Workers and Their Families.

While giving his speech, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Wishnutama, hoped that with this memorandum of understanding apart from being a foreign exchange hero, PMI could also become a hero for Indonesian tourism. “As a tourism ambassador, PMI will represent Indonesia abroad and introduce Indonesia to the world,” he added.

In addition, this collaboration is also expected to make it easier for returning PMIs to develop their businesses in the tourism and creative economy sectors through coordination and synchronization of planning related to access to capital.

“Besides economic remittances, PMI also brings social remittances, such as skills, ideas, and practices that migrant workers learn abroad and then bring to their areas of origin to build communities in the areas where they live. This social development is the social impact of overseas migration,” said Benny.

When Benny had a dialogue with IETO Taiwan regarding the excellent program for placing PMI abroad or the Special Placement Program to Taiwan (SP2), and company representatives and PMIs placed through the SP2T scheme, IETO Taiwan said the number of PMIs that had been placed through the SP2T scheme until October 2020 was as much as 38 people who were placed in the company Shing Kong Textile and Ho Yu Textile.

“The whole SP2T process is very easy and fast, even when I was in Taiwan, the company provided adequate facilities and I felt appreciated. With that, I am grateful for the opportunity to experience working with a zero cost scheme,” said Nita Mutmainah virtually, PMI who went to Taiwan with SP2T.

Benny also advised PMIs residing in countries of placement to maintain the good name of Indonesia. “Dignity Indonesia is represented by PMI. The good or bad of Indonesia is assessed through the PMI. For that, continue to talk about all the good things about Indonesia. You are Indonesian Tourism Ambassadors,” said Benny.

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