December 1, 2022

Through its official website, the Indonesian Migrant Workers Protection Agency (BP2MI) said on Saturday (17/10) it had carried out raids on illegal shelters for Prospective Indonesian Migrant Workers (CPMI), in three locations that were used as shelter houses for 25 CPMIs who would be dispatched to the country. destination Taiwan and Poland, Monday (19/10/2020).

According to the Head of BP2MI Benny Rhamdani, the locations for the non-procedural CPMI shelters are located in Roro Cantik Housing, Plumbon, Karangasem Village and Cheeseden Housing in the Plumbon area, Cirebon Regency, West Java. Benny explained, BP2MI received a report of illegal shelter from an NGO, the Indonesian Migrant Workers Union (SBMI) which said there were several PMI candidates who would be dispatched non-procedurally.

“The shelter we found is illegal, because individuals cannot shelter PMI candidates. We are concerned about shelters with very unworthy conditions, dirty and smelly, this is a serious concern of the government,” said Benny

From the results of the data collection carried out by government officials, the PMI candidates have been in the shelter for two months, some of them have even been waiting for departure for more than a year, and have always been promised that they will immediately depart for Taiwan and Poland.

“The point is, our arrival tonight is to prove that in the efforts to send PMI candidates to placement countries, there are always certain parties who simplify the process and make savings on costs that are obligations that must be incurred by the company but by taking advantage of the benefits. as much as possible from CPMI itself,” said Benny.

Based on information from the 25 CPMIs who were in the illegal shelters, they were asked on average a sum of money ranging from Rp. 45 million to Rp. 52 million, citing the costs and the process of departing to the destination country. According to BP2MI, his party has confiscated files that will be used as evidence and will be processed legally, because according to Benny, the actions of the owner of the illegal shelter violated the applicable laws.

From the results of the operation, BP2MI will bring six victims who are prospective illegal migrant workers and have been in the area for a long time. “We have brought six people who have been promised for a year that they will go abroad, we will develop their examination at the BP2MI office,” said Benny.

Benny said, whoever tries to commit the crime of trafficking in persons, whoever they are, whether they are the owners of capital or certain individuals who have power, BP2MI will never be afraid and will not stop the war against illegal PMI sending syndicates.

“BP2MI will be a nightmare for whoever they are, the State must not lose, the State is present and the law must work. The state is present, BP2MI provides protection for PMI as ordered by the President to protect PMI from head to toe,” said Benny

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