December 1, 2022

The Singapore government confirmed the first case of a rare disease carried by a Nigerian (38) who arrived in Singapore last April was monkeypox (mongkeypox).

As reported by Kompas.Com, the official statement was delivered by the Ministry of Health of Singapore (MOH) Thursday (9/5/2019).

“The patient reportedly attended a wedding in Nigeria before arriving in Singapore. At the event, it is possible that he consumed meat, which may be a source of transmission of this disease,” said MOH.

While undergoing a medical test, the Nigerian citizen tested positive for monkeypox on Wednesday (05/08/2019) and he is now in a stable condition and still being treated in an isolation room at the National Center for Infectious Diseases (NCID).

Monkeypox is a rare disease caused by a virus and transmitted to humans from animals, mainly in central and western Africa.

Transmission occurs when humans come into close contact with infected animals, such as rodents.

Transmission of the disease between humans can occur if it comes in contact with respiratory tract secretions, exposed to wounds from the body of an infected person or objects contaminated with patient body fluids.

Symptoms of this disease include fever, pain, swollen lymph nodes, and skin rash.

This disease can cause complications, such as pneumonia and in some cases lead to death.

The Nigerian citizen before being hospitalized stayed in a hotel. He also attended a workshop at a location on April 29-30.

Just on April 30, this man developed a fever, muscle aches, chills, and a rash on the skin. As a result, the man only stayed in the hotel room last May 1-7.

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