December 1, 2022

During the month of Ramadhan, date water infused water or Nabeez Water is the preferred thirst quencher when breaking the fast.

Nabeez water is water soaked in dates. This is because dates are a favorite fruit during the month of Ramadan. Just like infused water in general, Nabeez Water can also use raisins.

To make Nabeez Water, you only need dates or raisins and a glass of boiled water. A few dates, which are usually suggested in odd numbers, are put in a closed container and added with water

Soak dates or raisins for about 8-12 hours. Usually this nabeez water is made at night and soaked overnight.

Nabeez water is the favorite drink of Prophet Muhammad SAW which is said to be nutritious. And during the month of fasting, it is suitable to be drunk at sahur to increase energy during the day of fasting.

According to a study in the Journal Of Medicine & Health Sciences Kolej University Insaniah, Nabeez Water can help cure high levels of stomach acidity and help arthritis patients and gout patients, because Nabeez water affects a person’s uric acid levels.

In addition, nabeez water tends to eliminate the rest of the body’s metabolism, improve the work of the digestive system because it contains high fiber.

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