December 1, 2022

Through its official website, the Hong Kong government announced that starting January 14, 2021, employers will have to pay an additional fee of $800 to pick up Indonesian Migrant Domestic Workers (PRT). The fee is to cover the cost of applying for a passport, certificate without a criminal record, and social security contributions for PMI, Saturday (12/12/2020).

Previously, the Indonesian government had announced that it would implement a new regulation to eliminate placement fees for migrant workers, including migrant domestic workers. In response, Secretary of Labor & Welfare Dr Law Chi-kwong told lawmakers he understood that employers of domestic workers in Hong Kong had concerns about the new regulations.

The Ministry of Manpower met with representatives of the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI) in Hong Kong last September to learn more about the details of the new regulation.

According to the Indonesian Consulate General, the major change caused by this new regulation is that employers will bear three cost items that are still borne by domestic workers. Namely the cost of a passport to leave their country, a certificate without a criminal record and payments for Indonesian Migrant Workers Social Security insurance, totaling around $500 to $800.

Meanwhile, local governments in Indonesia will bear the costs of skills training and skills competency certificates.

Dr Law noted that the Hong Kong Government understands that local employers are very concerned about whether the costs of skills training will ultimately be passed on to them.

Law said the department had conveyed the views of Hong Kong employers to the Consulate General, and added that he wrote to the Indonesian Consul General in Hong Kong to reiterate the Hong Kong Government’s stance that the new regulations should not lead to a significant increase in fees charged to employers, nor should they impact bad for migrant domestic workers from Indonesia who come to Hong Kong.

Dr Law noted that the Government of Indonesia is currently drafting arrangements for other cost items and implementation details under the new regulations and will announce them in due course. And the Hong Kong Ministry of Manpower will continue to communicate with the Indonesian Consulate General to follow up on the new regulation.

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