August 3, 2022

Taiwan is currently ranked first as having the fastest internet in the world in the “Global League” ranking created by an online website builder review platform, Saturday (22/2/2020).

The Daily Mail on Thursday (Feb 20) quoted researchers at WebsiteToolTester as ranking Taiwan’s top internet speed in the world with an average download speed of 85 megabits per second (Mbps). With such blistering speeds, the researchers estimate that the average Taiwanese web user can download a five-gigabyte movie in just eight minutes.

Meanwhile Singapore is in second place, and following the island of Jersey, England, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Norway are in the top 10.

The researchers found that 18 of the 25 countries with the fastest internet speeds were in Europe, while the world’s average internet speed has increased from 9 Mbps in 2017 to 11 Mbps in 2019.

The results of this study were compiled from speed tests submitted by people from all over the world. The authors claim that “billions of tests” were analyzed to produce the Global League rankings.

One of the purported pitfalls of their methodology is that many web users tend to run speed tests only when they run into problems rather than when everything is running smoothly. Such problems could be caused by slow WiFi or problems with their home connection instead of the actual speeds that are generally available in certain countries.

“This is why country averages will appear lower than you would expect when compared to hands-on experience,” the authors said.

However, they argue that because each country has users experiencing slowdown, the “comparative place in the global league is relatively good” and includes the drawbacks of making reports more realistic.

The study found that Taiwan’s internet speed had increased by 147 percent between 2017 and 2019. As for the explanation for Taiwan’s rise to the top, WebsiteToolTester CEO Robert Brandl was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying “It’s interesting to see business hubs like Taiwan and Singapore, mixed in with other countries. small like Jersey in the top countries leading fast internet speeds. ”

Brandl said that Taiwan’s internet speed has increased in recent years because it is key to growth given the country’s dependence on the IT industry.

“High technology is Taiwan’s most important industry, contributing to 18 percent of the country’s GDP, with electronics manufacturing companies making up the largest share of the sector,” Brandl said.

According to the report, the Taiwanese government has invested heavily in strengthening its digital infrastructure to provide its companies with high internet speeds. The authors list “cross-border online shopping commerce” as a major growth area in Taiwan and mention major steps the government is taking to build a “digital economy that includes digital media and electronic services.”

Meanwhile China’s “Great Firewall,” is in 161st place, just behind Bangladesh and one notch ahead of Nicaragua. Yemen is in last place overall with snail-like speeds of 300 Kbps, not quite a third of a megabit and even bigger than 3G mobile internet

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