December 1, 2022

Infused water has now become part of the health trend in everyday life since it was popularized by a blogger and photographer from Portland named Amy Pogue. Not only abroad, this trend is getting more and more fans in Indonesia.

When it’s summer like in Hong Kong today, plus the erratic weather changes, our bodies will be more susceptible to various seasonal diseases that result in decreased immunity. Consuming lots of water will really help the body not to get dehydrated due to sweating a lot.

Infusion water is water or mineral water that is given pieces of fruit, vegetables or herbs that are allowed to stand for a few hours until the essence of the soaked material changes the taste of the water.

In addition to the materials used are easy to obtain, how to make it is also easy. So Migrant Post friends can make their own infusion water for daily consumption, so that the body is always in shape.

However, keep in mind that not all fruits or vegetables are good for making infused water. Try the fruit used has an acidic or neutral taste such as grapes, apples, star fruit, dragon fruit, lime, lemon, cucumber, orange, mango, strawberry. Do not forget to make sure the condition of the fruit must be fresh and optimally ripe, because many nutrients have not been fully formed as long as the fruit is not yet ripe.

You can also add spices such as mint leaves, ginger, cinnamon, lemongrass, rosemary and so on to add flavor to your taste.

It is important to pay attention to when choosing infusion water ingredients, try organic or local vegetables or fruits. If it is difficult to get organic ingredients and free of pesticide residues, you can first soak the ingredients in salt water before washing them thoroughly.

For half a liter of mineral water or cold ready-to-drink water or room temperature water, 10-15 thin pieces of fruit can be added. Then let stand 6-12 hours until the starch comes out and the infusion water is ready for consumption.

So that the body is always healthy and fit, of course, regulate drinking patterns such as drinking infusion water, it will be enough to provide good nutrients and minerals to increase the body’s resistance from attacks of various diseases.

Besides being easy, consuming infusion water certainly doesn’t require expensive costs or cheaper than when we have to buy medicine and check with the doctor.

Good luck all postal migrant friends, I hope you all are always given health.

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