December 1, 2022

There is a price to be paid to look beautiful and perfect in a fashion show competition . However, fashion shows are not only a competition for beauty, but also a competition for confidence and sharpening talents on the catwalk stage.

PMI Hong Kong fashion show phenomenon

The phenomenon of fashion competition among migrant workers in Hong Kong is mushrooming. In fact, almost every week there is a fashion show competition , both held by organizations and individuals. The categories that are contested are even more diverse.

To jump into the world of fashion , not only have beautiful capital and master the catwalk . But we must also be prepared to bear the cost to beautify the appearance. The costs incurred are usually for make-up, renting clothes and accessories and registering the competition.

In the fashion show competition , there are several categories of competition. But generally there are two categories, namely the casual and glamorous categories. The costs incurred are different. For the casual category, the make-up and clothes used are simpler.

To take part in a casual style fashion show , the funds spent are around HK$ 300-HK$ 500. The expenses include make-up fees, competition registration fees and clothes rental. For this category, there are those who use personal collections of clothing. While the cost for casual makeup ranges from HK$ 100-HK$ 300.

“For the casual category, renting clothes costs around HK$500, sometimes wearing your own clothes, the cost is cheaper, around HK$300,” said Fanny Nabilla, PMI from Lampung, Friday (8/03/2019).

It’s different again for the glamor category competition. To participate in this type of competition will cost more. This is because the cost of making up and renting clothes are more expensive than the casual category. Not all contestants have a collection of glamorous clothes. Usually for one show will cost between HK $ 700-HK $ 1,500.

” If the kebaya from the designer is rented around HK$800, the cost of make-up and accessories is around HK$500,” said Kanjeng Ratu, PMI who lives in Wong Tai Sin, Thursday (7/03/2019).

The high cost of participating in a competition, we can conclude that to be able to look beautiful and perfect, we must have the courage to spend. So, what is the meaning of beauty? does it have to be expensive and luxurious to be beautiful?

Beautiful definition and size

There are several opinions about the notion of beauty, and the size of how a woman can be said to be beautiful.

Beauty is something relative. In fact we also agree that all women are physically beautiful. And only the beauty of the heart will truly distinguish one from another, reported by IDN Times (18/11/2017).

According to The Truth About Beauty , beauty is anything that is sexually attractive to men.

According to a survey conducted by Sindo News, from January 25, 2017 to February 9, 2017, through interviews in several major cities in Indonesia. The beautiful measure is; friendly and smiling, smart, white and clean skin, dimples, tall body, slim, long hair, exotic skin (dark color), long eyelashes, bright and shining eyes.

So it can be concluded, that a beautiful size does not have to be expensive and luxurious. Beauty depends on someone’s assessment of us. And every individual must have a beautiful side even though it looks simple.

Women must still look beautiful

A woman is required to always look beautiful. There are several reasons why women still have to look beautiful.

According to Deny, there is a relationship between beauty, health and cleanliness. That’s why women have to look beautiful.

“Beauty looks clean, clean is healthy, healthy is fresh, fresh is pleasing to the eye,” said Deny PMI who lives in Lok Fu, Thursday (28/03/2019).

All women generally want to look beautiful. The beauty of women also describes how we love ourselves

“It’s natural for a woman to want to look beautiful, if she does n’t want to look beautiful, it means she doesn’t care and does n’t love herself,” said Erica, PMI from Ponorogo, Thursday (28/03/2019).

Another opinion, that beauty is every woman’s dream.

“Because beauty is every woman’s dream, also the dream of men,” said Ayumi PMI, who has worked in Hong Kong for two years, Thursday (28/03/2019).

Fight beauty or self-confidence.

By participating in a fashion show competition , which costs a lot of money, can it make us beautiful, or is it just an event to prove our self-confidence?

According to Kesi, participating in a fashion show is an opportunity to prove one’s confidence so that she can appear and show her creations.

“I think the fashion show is a Confidence contest, because with confidence, I can master performance , and I also often display my own creations, said Kesi Hidayah, Winner of Miss Smartone 2017-2018, Friday (29/03). 2019).

The fashion show is a self-confidence competition, because if it is called a beauty contest, those who feel they are not beautiful will not register to take part in the competition.

“It’s a self-confidence competition, of course, because if you have a beauty contest who doesn’t feel pretty, you don’t want to register for the competition,” said Wardah Syakira, PMI who once held a fashion show competition , Friday (29/03/2019).

The twin studio believes that fashion shows are an opportunity to hone self-confidence, train mentally and also hone talents.

” Fashion competitions are actually to hone creativity and self-confidence, train mentally and hone talents,” said Sanggar Kembar, PMI who once held an art parade in Hong Kong, Friday (29/03/2019).

Fashion   show is an event to hone how much confidence. One of the places to show creativity, sharpen mentality and show ability in the field of catwalks . The beauty shown is something that must be done to support the perfection of an appearance on stage.

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